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First the government and soon the business community!

First the government and soon the business community!

Yesterday, a nice first step was achieved as ministries, provinces, water boards and a number of municipalities signed the Manifesto Socially Responsible Contracting and Purchasing (MVOI) 2022-2025. In doing so, they pledged to account for social and environmental impacts in their purchasing practices. Governments can really make a difference here as they purchase 85 billion euros annually.

Still, the private sector is the biggest buyer along with Public-Private institutions with more than 400 billion euros per year spent on purchasing. That is why Alliance Coordinator SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production Karin van IJsselmuide @Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES System) and @SDGNL are working together on a Manifesto Sustainable Procurement for companies so that soon SDG-proof procurement will be done by everyone!
Interested in joining? Sign up via DM’ing Judith Maas or Karin van IJsselmuide.

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