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Zevij Necomij the Green Giant: Leading the Change in Sustainable Wholesale Construction!

Date: September 18, 2023

In the competitive landscape of wholesale construction, Zevij Necomij is emerging as a frontrunner in sustainability. “Our mission is to unite wholesalers in Holland and Belgium, digitise data for 200 corporate enterprise wholesalers, and support B2B members in the construction sector on their sustainability journey. Motivated by our influential position in the industry, we aim to lower costs and promote sustainability throughout the sector. We’ve transformed into a digital service company, digitising product catalogues and invoices to enhance accessibility and sustainability.” said Marc de Dobbelaere, CEO of Zevij Necomij. Their collaboration with 550 suppliers (covering 3 million products) underscores their commitment to taking responsibility for sustainability. This shift in perspective was ignited by an inspiring encounter with Kelly, the CEO of GSES (Global Sustainable Enterprise System), revealing a promising pathway in the sustainability sector.   

At the core of Zevij Necomij’s sustainability drive is a profound motivation. With a strong presence encompassing 260 wholesalers and catering to over 3,000 clients, they recognise their pivotal position within the supply chain. Leveraging this influence, the company is determined to not only optimise costs but also elevate sustainability standards throughout the sector. Their dedication transcends profit margins, with a clear emphasis on delivering environmental and societal benefits.

Zevij Necomij embarked on their digital transformation in 2006 with the digitization of product catalogues. This strategic move aimed to enhance information accessibility and streamline classification. In 2007, the company embraced paperless invoicing, introducing a platform dedicated to digitising invoices. In a pivotal development in 2013, Zevij Necomij seamlessly integrated these channels, empowering customers to access essential sustainability details. This holistic approach not only benefits suppliers and members but also fosters healthy competition among suppliers. Additionally, it empowers end-users, including government entities, to make informed choices.

All digitalisation solutions and efforts that Zevij Necomij is doing over these years are also benefiting their ecosystem: the wholesalers, partners, suppliers, and overarching stakeholders as well. So Zevij is not only making a huge impact in their stakeholder chain, it is also the maybe unexpected Green Giant that everyone should know about.

Zevij Necomij’s collaboration with GSES is grounded in the digital transformation of both product and organisational levels. GSES offers a robust framework for assessing sustainability pillars, perfectly aligning with Zevij’s mission and ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of their sustainability efforts.

Zevij Necomij relies on GSES standards and platforms to meticulously measure sustainability across their extensive network of suppliers, products, and brands. This partnership extends beyond borders, connecting with Eurocraft in Germany, Austria, Spain, and Britain. With 550 suppliers and 260 wholesalers united under the banner of sustainability, the momentum for change in the construction sector is rapidly accelerating. Marc de Dobbelaere describes: “Our collaboration with GSES is driven by their expertise in digitisation and sustainability, aligning with our objectives. With GSES, we measure sustainability across suppliers, products, and organisations, fostering a connected and sustainable sector. Our commitment to sustainability extends to eco-friendly practices like electric and solar energy, reducing plastic, and more. Sustainability awareness is growing within our company, and more employees are becoming conscious of our efforts with GSES.”

The Zevij Necomij and GSES partnership is enabling the measurement and verification of millions of building products in Europe, besides the brand and supplier measurements. This has never been done in history on such a scale. Although Zevij Necomij is taking significant strides towards a cleaner future. The company invests in sustainable energy sources, including electric and solar power, and actively collaborates with suppliers to reduce plastic packaging. Zevij Necomij is championing eco-friendly practices that align with their vision of a more sustainable world.

While presently, only two dedicated employees focus on sustainability, the company anticipates that, as their sustainability initiatives evolve, awareness among their workforce will grow significantly. The collaboration with GSES is poised to become an integral part of the company’s corporate culture, aligning values and actions towards a more sustainable world. 

Zevij Necomij’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond corporate goals; it embodies a shared vision for a brighter future. They firmly believe that responsible choices made today will pave the way for a greener and cleaner tomorrow. Through their partnership with GSES, Zevij Necomij is leading the charge in driving sustainability across the construction industry, setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

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