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Boon Edam Embraces CSRD & Sustainability with GSES!

In a recent interview conducted, Danielle van Koert-Bakker, the Global Quality & Sustainability Manager of Boon Edam, and Shubham Tiwari, the Global Supply Chain Coordinator, shed light on the company’s commitment to sustainability and their partnership with GSES. Boon Edam, a global organisation celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, shared valuable insights into their vision, mission, and their journey towards sustainability.

Boon Edam, with a history dating back 70 years, remains unwavering in its ambition. Being a family-owned business, the owner has played a pivotal role in defining the company’s mission and vision. Central to this vision is a strong emphasis on customer experience, premium quality products, safety, and security. Sustainability, although not explicitly mentioned in their mission, is inherently integrated into their products, particularly their renowned revolving doors known for energy-saving attributes.

Shubham Tiwari, during the interview, highlighted the growing importance of sustainability in the context of European Union regulations for supply chain management. He emphasised the need to align supply chain processes with sustainability targets, fostering a commitment to sustainability. Boon Edam’s motivation to adopt sustainability is rooted in their desire for visibility and longevity. The company understands that embracing sustainability is not just a trend but a necessity to ensure their continued success for generations to come.

The company, which caters to a wide range of sectors as entry experts, prides itself on its expertise, making them unique in each sector they target. While they are relatively new to the sustainability journey, Boon Edam is actively engaged in various sustainability initiatives within the company.

Boon Edam’s decision to partner with GSES was driven by a clear need to meet CSRD compliance by 2030. Their objective is to align all information into one place, reduce container and load sizes, and promote sustainability throughout their supply chain. GSES provides an external and independent validator, which was the perfect fit for Boon Edam’s mission and their commitment to transparency.

Boon Edam’s sustainability goals extend beyond mere compliance. They are committed to measuring sustainability across various pillars and conducting organisation and product level ratings. A priority-setting approach and the 0-point measurement will provide them with a clear path forward. One of their key reasons for working with GSES is to promote sustainable procurement. Boon Edam recognises the importance of involving suppliers in their sustainability efforts and the positive impact this can have on the industry as a whole.

Boon Edam takes pride in contributing to a cleaner and greener future, with a strong focus on energy and transport sectors. Safety and customer well-being are at the forefront of their product development, with their products known for being the safest in the world. The interview also touched upon the crucial relationship between supply chain and sustainability. Boon Edam acknowledged the challenges in sustainable procurement, particularly in obtaining reliable sustainability data. However, they emphasised the importance of overcoming these challenges to drive positive change, with GSES playing a significant role in this endeavour.

Danielle aptly summarised the importance of measurement with the statement, “what you cannot measure, you cannot improve.” Boon Edam is not only committed to recording sustainability data but also taking tangible actions to enhance sustainability. The user-interface of GSES was lauded for its simplicity, ease of use, and data privacy features. Boon Edam found the platform’s assessments to be user-friendly, with clear and structured questions. In a significant milestone year, Boon Edam is not only celebrating its long-standing history but also its unwavering commitment to a sustainable and greener future, with GSES as their trusted partner on this transformative journey.


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