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GSES Unveils Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Module for GreenTech Innovations!

In a significant move towards advancing sustainability in the GreenTech sector, Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES) introduces the groundbreaking Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Module. This innovative tool is meticulously designed to measure and verify the environmental claims of cutting-edge technologies, offering a pathway to elevate their credibility through third-party validation.

**GSES ETV Module Highlights:**

*1. Comprehensive Technology ESG Dashboard:*
GSES proudly presents the Technology ESG Dashboard, a tailored solution for technology users. This comprehensive tool provides users with an in-depth view of validated technology claims, ETV verification reports, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores on an organisational level.

*2. Global Standard Compliance with ISO 14034:*
GSES employs the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) ISO 14034 standard to assess technologies. Recognised as the sole global standard for measuring green technologies, ISO 14034:2016 Environmental Management sets the benchmark for ETV processes. Published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) in November 2016, this standard ensures a quality-assured process for independent confirmation of environmental technology performance through objective evidence.

**Key Objectives of ETV:**
– **Supporting Informed Decision-Making:**
The ETV process supports stakeholders in making well-informed decisions by providing accurate and reliable data on technology performance.

– **Enhancing Demonstration, Deployment, and Market Acceptance:**
ETV plays a crucial role in enhancing the demonstration, deployment, and market acceptance of technology-based solutions. By offering third-party validation, it instills confidence in users and stakeholders.

GSES is committed to fostering transparency and credibility in the GreenTech sector, and the introduction of the ETV Module marks a significant step towards achieving these goals. As sustainability becomes an increasingly integral part of innovation, GSES continues to lead the way in providing robust frameworks and tools to propel the GreenTech industry forward.

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