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Water Europe: A Decade-Long Evolution into a Multistakeholder Powerhouse!

From ETP to Multi-stakeholder Platform – The Remarkable Journey Unveiled

In a transformative journey initiated by the European Commission in 2004, Water Europe (WE) was born as the European Technology Platform (ETP) for water, initially known as WssTP. This status was renewed by the EC in 2013 as part of its ETP2020 strategy, solidifying WE’s role as a driving force in European water innovation.

A Decade of Evolution:
Founded on the principles of collaboration and innovation, WE underwent a pivotal shift in 2007. The platform transformed into a member-based multi-stakeholder organisation under Belgian law. Since then, WE’s membership and activities have witnessed continuous growth, aligning with its ambitious vision to represent the entire water value-chain.

European Water-Smart Society:
WE’s evolution mirrors its commitment to shaping a European Water-Smart Society. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative endeavours, the organisation has become a dynamic force fostering innovation and sustainability across the water sector.

GSES Joins Water Europe 2023:
Adding to the vibrant tapestry of stakeholders, GSES – Global Sustainable Enterprise System proudly announces its membership in Water Europe 2023. This collaboration marks a significant step towards GSES’s commitment to actively contribute to the advancements in the water sector.

A Proud Member of Water Europe:
GSES is a proud member of Water Europe, the esteemed ranks of organisations committed to a water-smart future. The platform’s involvement in Water Europe underscores its dedication to driving positive change and sustainability on a European scale.

Learn More:
Explore the collaborative efforts of GSES and Water Europe for a water-smart future. Learn more about GSES’s commitment to sustainability at GSES!

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