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The GSES® system is thé international online (blockchain based) measurement system on sustainability that covers all facets of sustainability, is suitable for all sectors and is based on the best internationally accepted standards. Make sustainable ambitions and milestones visible and transparent and lets change the world!

The Challenges

  1. The proliferation of quality marks: Certifications, software systems and initiatives in the field of sustainable, socially responsible and circular entrepreneurship is endless and entrepreneurs, governments and organizations no longer see how to make an impact because they have no overview. Entrepreneurs are increasingly opting to make the organizations where they work more sustainable. But which facet of sustainable entrepreneurship should you focus on to really make an impact? There was no standard that covers the entire load.
  2. Generic measurement of all industries and levels
  3. #TRANSPARENCY & collecting data in the supply/value chain

The solution

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES®) is thé online overarching generic sustainability standard that is created to support organizations in making themselves and the world more sustainable.

The GSES® system:

  • Is an overarching and international standard
  • Is workable for any kind of organization
  • Is used as procurement tool
  • Can be used in tender management
  • Can be used as marketing tool
  • Can be used universally with existing certifications, initiatives and labels
  • Is third party assessed by external audits and validations
  • Is represented in 77 countries

Are you a buyer?

We’re here to give you the insights you need to make better informed decisions.

We help buyers to find the right suppliers, manage their relationships and enjoy increased levels of visibility and control over their entire supply chain.

Are you a supplier?

It’s time to demonstrate your shared commitment to sustainability and business performance.

In our communities, suppliers become more visible to buyers. And because of the data we make available, they’re more transparent too. That means buyers can make quicker, better-informed purchasing decisions.



  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Gain the attention – and trust – of potential buyers/clients/stakeholders
  • Ongoing supplier assurance
  • For suppliers it’s a way to present their credentials to a whole world of buyers through a single ScoreCard and become eligible for new tenders (and every organization is a supplier..)
  • Gain detailed insights into supplier organizations on sustainability, health and safety  performances – and to monitor their performance data.
  • Move faster – Maintain a single pre-qualification questionnaire that demonstrates your capabilities to your industry’s key players




Our communities bring together rigorously pre-qualified suppliers with buyers working in the same regions and industries. For the buyers, that means they can drive procurement with decisions that are backed up by detailed, relevant, up-to-date information about potential suppliers – and maintain this transparency throughout their relationship. For the supplier, it’s anopportunity to benchmark performance, improve practices and deepen their understanding of their industry’s buyers.

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We present you the house of sustainability. The house shows all facets of sustainability and is a visualization of the GSES System. Every pillar represents an assessment.
The GSES® system is based on 3 levels:

3 levels of measurement:

  • organizational level
  • supply chain level
  • product & project level


The translation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations is also included in the GSES system. By integrating them into the system, we provide organizations with tools to pick up their part to achieve the SDGs.

Explainer Video Sustainability Codex

Sustainable Footprint® for products/ projects 

As an extension of the GSES® system, the NDI has developed a three-stage generic product certification which measures products, projects, buildings & resources from all different sectors. With the Sustainable Footprint method the NDI offers a global solution for the generic measurement of products, projects, buildings & resources. The Sustainable Footprint measures on 3 pillars: Circular, Environmental & Health as described below;

The GSES Sustainable Footprint consists of 3 pillars:

Circular Footprint®
The NDI (National Sustainability Institute) & SGS Search have developed the Circular Footprint. In order to properly measure all products from all different sectors on circularity,  we have developed a generic method that can be used worldwide. End users of products and raw materials can see exactly how circular their end product, project or building is by using a QR code or NFC tag. The QR code linked directly to the GSES global database & the Sustainability Codex in which all information about the scores can be viewed. Measure your products, project or building according to the Circular Footprint method! Contact us!

Environmental Footprint®
The NDI created the LCA certification; the Environmental Footprint for products, projects and buildings. The EPF® certification is based on the ISO 14040 and the PEF, In order to properly measure all products, projects & buildings on an environmental performance we needed a generic method that can be used worldwide. This method became the EPF. End users of products can see exactly how their product or project is ranked on environmental performance using the QR code or NFC tag on the packaging or branding of the product/ project.

Health Footprint®
The NDI (National Sustainability Institute) & Royal Haskoning DHV are developing the Health Product Footprint. In order to properly measure all products from all different sectors on health risks, we need a generic method that can be used worldwide. End users of products such as companies and consumers can see exactly how healthy or harmful their purchase is based on a QR code or NFC tag on the packaging of the product.


How it works



  • Get started

Set up your profile

Complete a preliminary online questionnaire, giving basic details about your company, your finances and the products and services you supply. You’ll complete the full questionnaire after you’ve made your payment.

Be prepared

The full questionnaire should only take around 2 or 3 hours to complete if you have the information you’ll need to hand. We suggest reading the GSES Manual in the ‘Library’ section of the GSES platform. That will give you an overview of the information you’ll need. You can then speak with the relevant departments within your business and make a start getting everything together.


Your dedicated Account Manager will get in touch to walk you through the process of completing your profile and making your payment. So, if you have the details ready, the process should be quick and easy.



  • Get validated

Pre-qualification questionnaire

Once payment is received, you’ll be getting full acces to your GSES account so you can start fulfill the questionnaires of your choice or invite and rank your suppliers.

Get extra advice

Our GSES Team offers any help you might need in completing your questionnaire(s). We regularly run webinars you can join to understand how everything on the GSES platform works. And if any data you provide is incorrect or incorrectly formatted, we can help you clear those issues up too.


How it works



  • Make the most of your subscription

Attract new business

You’ll now be visible to buyers searching for businesses like yours – and may even appear in their customised alerts.

Prepare to be published

Before we publish your profile, we’ll need to validate the information you’ve given us. Depending on the requirements of your community, this may involve a simple data check or – in the case of higher risk operations – an audit. If you need an audit, we’ll help you understand what will be covered by looking through the audit protocol and how the assessment will work ahead of time.



  • Stay relevant

Keep up-to-date

Provide ongoing assurance to the community’s buyers by keeping all your details up-to-date. We’ll send you alerts to let you know if something is about to expire, but it’s best practice to keep on top of it – especially as expired documentation can prevent you appearing in buyers’ searches.

Know your audience

Seeing yourself through your buyers’/clients’ eyes can give you a real advantage. Join our free one-hour webinar where you can learn more about how buyers use the platform and what kind of information matters most to them.


The GSES System Functions compatible with browsers:
Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari

The GSES System Functions works best with: 
Windows 8 / macOS High Sierra 10.13 or higher


GSES Dashboard
version V2.0

Latest update 02-2019