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Welcome to GSES

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System

GSES is a holistic sustainability rating system, helping organizations make sustainable choices. It measures, benchmarks and externally verifies the sustainability performance of organisations, physical products and assets worldwide.

The GSES platform uses the Global Sustainable Enterprise Standard as a universal language to measure sustainability. This standard is an overarching meta-standard, translating more than 500 widely accepted standards and certificates into KPI’s making them measurable and comparable.

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World’s only
overarching rating system

Based on verified
and certifications

Open source
input structure

Risk free
sustainability ratings

1 clear verified
sustainability (ISO) rating

For product and
organization ratings


One universal language and reporting system for ESG and sustainability enabling a better world.


gses methodology

Accelerating our way towards a healthier planet and a fair society by delivering one universal standard for sustainability. The GSES aligns more than 550 certifications under one umbrella, creating harmony and a common understanding on sustainability.


gses platform

On the holistic GSES SaaS platform you are able to digitize and automate your sustainability reporting effoorts, the platform covers the measurement and monitoring of your own organization as well of you supply chain, products, assets, clients.


product sustainability ratings

Measure your products with the GSES product scorecards and the Nature Impact Rating. This verified sustainability product data can be used in tender processes or towards consumers and (b2b) end clients. Used by Xenos, Wibra, Zevij Necomij, L Founders of Loyalty, Cilpper Interall Group and more.

Ready to be sustainable?


supply chain management

Enhance supply chain sustainability via GSES’ Dashboard. GSE-System empowers customized pillars and scores displayed on the Procurement Dashboard, ensuring transparent sustainability info for stakeholders, aligned with GSE-Standard’s CSR principles.


Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Dashboard is a tool designed to monitor and manage CO2 emissions. It comprehensively assesses an organisation’s emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3, providing a clear overview of achieved targets and areas for enhancement.



ABB x GSES collaborating on enabling real-time ghg emissions monitoring to keep track on GSES asset scorecards


venues and events

GSES and the Johan Cruijff ArenA are spearheading the drive for sustainability within the events and venues sector. Together, GSES and the ArenA, are introducing the Global Sustainable Venue Benchmark (GSVB). The GSVB is integrated in a venue and event dashboard on the GSES platform.


technology / greentech

Measure and verify the claims of technologies / Greentech via the ETV standard in the GSES Technology users, investors and buyers.


organization & group sustainability reporting

Report on ESG, sustainability and CSRD on group or copany level with the GSES. Combining over 550 standards and frameworks to enable 3rd party verified, easy and less time consuming sustainability reporting.


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Sustainable Procurement: Meten Is Verbeteren

“Transparant zijn over duurzaamheidsinspanningen én resultaten is leidend voor sustainable procurement. Het Global Sustainable Enterprise System biedt daarvoor een platform, betoogt expert Karin van IJsselmuide. Univé en Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland zijn er al mee aan de slag gegaan”. Sustainable procurement is inkoop met de meest positieve effecten voor maatschappij, economie en milieu die mogelijk zijn gedurende de volledige…

Johan Cruyff ArenA changes the game on sustainability

Kelly Ruigrok, CEO | GSES & Willem Hegen, Crowd Services Manager & Project Lead Sustainability | Johan Cruyff ArenA The Coldplay concert at Amsterdam’s Johan Cruyff ArenA last summer was ground-breaking in terms of sustainability. In order to fully monitor, measure and analyse the event’s environmental impact, the stadium teamed up with GSES, the…

Zevij Necomij the Green Giant: Leading the Change in Sustainable Wholesale Construction!

Date: September 18, 2023 In the competitive landscape of wholesale construction, Zevij Necomij is emerging as a frontrunner in sustainability. “Our mission is to unite wholesalers in Holland and Belgium, digitise data for 200 corporate enterprise wholesalers, and support B2B members in the construction sector on their sustainability journey. Motivated by our influential position…
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