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The Global Sustainable Enterprise System

GSES is a holistic sustainability rating system, helping organizations make sustainable choices. It measures, benchmarks and externally verifies the sustainability performance of organisations, physical products and assets worldwide.

The GSES platform uses the Global Sustainable Enterprise Standard as a universal language to measure sustainability. This standard is an overarching meta-standard, translating more than 500 widely accepted standards and certificates into KPI’s making them measurable and comparable.

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World’s only
overarching rating system

Based on verified
and certifications

Open source
input structure

Risk free
sustainability ratings

1 clear verified
sustainability (ISO) rating

For product, supply chain, assets, and
organization ratings


One universal language and reporting system for ESG and sustainability enabling a better world.


gses methodology

The GSES methodology is to provide a universal platform with a standardised language for organisations to measure, manage, and enhance their sustainability performance, emphasising transparency. With the ultimate goal to transform organisations into sustainable enterprises, fostering a global community committed to exceeding international standards and contributing to a resilient world.


gses platform

The GSES SaaS platform, with a Meta Standard benchmarking over 550 certifications, enables organisations to achieve a verified GSES score on their ESG scorecard, measuring and managing sustainability across various levels through transparent third-party verification.


product sustainability ratings

The Product Nature Impact Rating, represented by a green-leaf score, evaluates environmental, circularity, and health footprints using the Nature Impact Rating (NIR) methodology, offering a holistic perspective on a product’s sustainability impact.

Ready to be sustainable?


supply chain management

The Supply Chain Management Tool measures and verifies supplier sustainability across six pillars, empowering organisations to efficiently manage and gain insights into the sustainability performance of their supply chain, including scope 3 emissions.


Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Dashboard monitors CO2 emissions (scopes 1, 2, and 3), compares your footprint to benchmarks, and highlights reductions, offsetting levels, and energy neutrality, playing a key role in validating your organisation’s CO2 footprint.


Asset Management Tool

The Asset Management Tool streamlines the process of filling in data gaps for scope 3 emissions, providing fixed asset owners with detailed data on their entire asset portfolio, helping businesses comply with regulations and build trust.


venues and events

The Venue & Event module offers a comprehensive assessment across all GSES pillars for each venue and event, providing a singular overview of their sustainability, including supply chain transparency, Carbon Footprint (scope 1, 2, and 3), and SDG support.


technology / greentech

The GSES Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) module empowers GreenTech and CleanTech innovations through a meticulous third-party verification process, adhering to the globally recognized ETV ISO 14034 standard for precise measurement and certification.


organization & group sustainability reporting

The GSES SaaS platform’s ESG scorecard provides a concise, standardised overview of organisational sustainability metrics. It includes individual scores per pillar, carbon footprint, spider chart for relative performance, SDG alignment, targets, progress, and certificates—all in an easy-to-understand format.


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Conscyo, the ambitious advisory agency dedicated to driving positive change in business and the world, is teaming up with GSES!

Conscyo, the ambitious advisory agency dedicated to driving positive change in business and the world, is teaming up with GSES!

Collaboration Announced! Exciting news! Conscyo, the ambitious advisory agency dedicated to driving positive change in business and the world, is teaming up with GSES. Together, we are on a mission to ignite transformation, honesty, and relevance in the business landscape. At Conscyo, they inspire and push boundaries, encouraging both our peers and clients to embrace possibility…

GSES als basis voor duurzaam CSU bij de Johan Cruijff ArenA!

CSU zet als eerste leverancier van de Johan Cruijff ArenA het duurzaamheidsplatform GSES in. Het ‘Global Sustainable Enterprise System’ stelt CSU mede in staat haar prestaties in de Johan Cruijff ArenA op het gebied van duurzaamheid te meten, verifiëren en te beoordelen. Door middel van data- gedreven besluitvorming streeft CSU naar een steeds duurzamere…

Non-profits and GSES come together for sustainability in the Social Aid & Sustainability Benchmark Project: Diederik Rodenburg's perspective, the Red Cross!

In the realm of humanitarian aid, each individual contribution is invaluable. Diederik Rodenburg, a dedicated professional with a passion for sustainability and a keen eye for facility management, plays an essential role within the Red Cross in the Netherlands. The Red Cross provides emergency assistance, supports vulnerable people nationally and internationally, and contributes to…
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