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GSES Meta Standard is Extended

The GSES Meta Standard is extended with new aligned certificates! Green Globe Certification EMAS GreenSign EarthCheck Fair Trade Tourism Turismo Sustentable Biosphere Hoteles más Verdes Green Tourism

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Measure your Circular Footprint!

Measure your Circular Footprint!

The CF focuses entirely on the use of materials in a product and its circular performance. The calculation method is based on both material usage (input side) and post-use processing (output side). The calculation in weight does not take into account the specific flow of material. The circular performance of the input and output side result in a circularity score.

With the CF, the Sustainable Footprint Standard of GSES allows for a pragmatic start for calculating and certifying a circularity score for products. Hence, it fills a gap because there is no standard/calculation method for the circularity of products yet.

The CF method is very accessible, in principle anyone would be able to use the Excel model of the calculation method provided by GSES or the online calculation tool on the GSES platform (BoM calculator) to calculate the CF score. That is because only the flows of materials are included.

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GSES System will launch the Webshop Module

Soon the GSES System will launch the Webshop Module to enable sustainable procurement for everyone in one aligned way! Are you a webshop or vendor?

Contact us at and get involved in our commerce consortium.

#SDG12 #sustainableprocurement #ecommercemeetsustainability

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GSES Meta Standard adopted new certificates & labels

GSES Meta Standard adopted new certificates and labels for rating products & projects: Green Seal, Well Building Standard from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), OEKO-TEX® Standar 100 & Made in Green, Energy Star, Responsible Wool Standard, BREEAM and many many more!

The GSES Meta Standard for products & projects is an overarching ESG rating standard that is based on standards & certificates. This means that the GSES rewards organizations for certifications they already achieved and give them an ESG rating on product level or on project level.

The GSES system uses 1st and 2nd line exemptions. First-line exemptions are certificates that have been audited and issued by an independent certification body that is supervised by an Accreditation Council in the country where it is established.

2nd line exemptions needs to be checked by presenting extra data and audit reports due to the reason that they are not audited by independent certification institutions.

Go to the link or scan the QR code in the image below to find out more and view all certificates aligned!

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Sustainable & Social Procurement for everyone!

We enable with GSES System sustainable and social procurement for everyone!

Check out our database portal with products, projects, private organizations and public organizations databases! You can check out the databases without registering.

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Welcome SusteneriGroup as Global Sustainable Organization!

Welcome SusteneriGroup from Belgium as Global Sustainable Organization!

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Health Impact in products

Health Impact in products The Health Footprint (HF) will focus on the product and not on processes. The focus and KPIs are aimed at the harmfulness to health of used substances, during the usage phase of a product.
The focus will be on substances that are LEED compliant and BREEAM toxic compliant. This should be included in the Bill of Material of products. These are, on the one hand, toxic substances that are in the product and on the other hand, substances that are NOT in the product.

There is also a connection with the European REACH list (prohibited substances). In addition, the ambition is to record whether substances of the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC, European list, Dutch version) and CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction) are present or not.

The Health Footprint takes into account:

Toxic substances (LEED, REACH),
Bill of Material substance list,
CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction) substances,
Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs)

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We welcome Calduran Kalkzandsteen as Global Sustainable Company!

We welcome Calduran Kalkzandsteen as Global Sustainable Company! Calduran Kalkzandsteen published their product in the building & construction database in the GSES System!

Watch the Ratingcard here: Link
Or search in the Database: Link

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