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THE GSES system

Circular Footprint (CF)

The pillar Circular Footprint is based on the Material Circularity Index of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Dutch CB’23 method.

For the Circular Footprint, the following indicators are measured:
  • Circularity of input flows (in mass %): raw materials from recycled or biobased origin ;
  • Circularity of output flows (in mass %): actual rates of recycling of that material from a reference database for recycling or composting;
  • Product’s content that is easily separable into homogeneous material or detachability index for building materials;
  • Extended warranty period;
  • 100% plastic free packaging;
  • Packaging with a minimum of 95% recycled content
CF pillar indicator Weight Scoring indicators CF (0%-100%)

Circular Footprint Indicator 

CF score is (%w/w recycled content + %w/w biobased content + %w/w recyclable out + %w/w compostable out)/2 50% of score because it is based on GSES Material Index references
Product's content that is easily separable into homogeneous materials
"Easily separable" is when disassembly operations are conducted by the general public, components must be separable using common tools (e.g., hammer, screwdriver, pliers) with minimal technical experience and instruction.

For Building Products, the Dutch Green Building Council's Disassembly Potential is considered.
Extended warranty period
The warranty period is at least 3 years; 1 year more than EU regulation (2 years)
100% plastic free packaging
The product's packaging does not contain any plastic (including biobased plastic). Returnable plastic packaging is allowed.
Packaging with a high percentage of recycled content
Recycled content must be at least 95% of the total mass of the packaging.
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